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In school, you probably spent Friday through Sunday writing your weekend to-do list and solely Sunday night checking everything off in a Redbull-induced haze. Taurus needs stability, routine and comfort. You rarely get bored with the mundanity of everyday office life. But while this is an admirable work ethic, you should remember not to get too frazzled when a sudden change occurs.

What it means if your 10th house in astrology is in the following signs:

Maybe your favorite coworker gets laid off. Maybe your Thursday meeting gets pushed back.

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These little disruptions may be very unsettling to you, but just take a deep breath and reorganize. Since Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of romance and beauty, you also likely have an eye for aesthetics. I bet that impeccably-organized calendar is color-coordinated and your handwriting looks like a font. While you may gravitate toward routine and repetitive work, low-energy offices and dingy environments take a serious toll on your morale. Throw some doodads and trinkets on there. And maybe consider pursuing an artistic job — design, fashion and cinematography all come to mind — or a creative role within your existing position.

Geminis are masters of communication; they make for excellent novelists, poets and songwriters.

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Geminis are animated and sharp with no lack of imaginative energy. In our landscape of ever-evolving media and volatile news cycles, journalism may suit you perfectly. You do need a certain level of flexibility with your work, as you typically reject structure and can grow easily frustrated by routine. Your ability to adapt makes you valuable in times of transition, and you have no problem hopping around from one assignment to another.

For some Geminis, that is entirely true — for others, you simply need a job that gives you the freedom to define your own schedule and constantly evolve. Self-employment would be ideal. While you have a knack for conversation, you are intensely independent and hate to ask for help.

The Tenth House in Astrology

You want to believe that you can hold yourself accountable, but there will always be someone to answer to for your mistakes. They care about everything more than you care about anything. Unless, of course, you are a Cancer — in which case, your friends owe you some thank you notes. The Cancer image is intimately associated with feeling for and nurturing others. Your career may be creative, entrepreneurial or something entirely different, but that sense of purpose is integral to how you define success.

As such, you may feel most at home in education, childcare or healthcare. Cancers are also highly sensitive to criticism, and will thrive most with positive reinforcement. While Cancers are finely tuned to the needs of others and enjoy offering support, they need to feel that support in return; many tend to retreat and shut down when feeling micromanaged or attacked. Visible, tangible impact is important to them — a simple Teacher Appreciation Day or complimentary email would work wonders.

As a Cancer, try to remember that a lack of vocal appreciation does not necessarily mean your work does not matter. When you consider that some of the highest-profile people in the world are Leos, it makes sense that every astrologist ever recognizes the lion as having a future in the public eye. They are notorious show-offs, adorned with a deep sense of pride and highly creative instincts. Leos are often immortalized for theatrics or power, but they are also genuine, generous people who delight in helping others.

Leos need to feel proud in order to do good work, which may be why many take up charitable causes or try to make a difference through politics. As a Leo, your loyalty outweighs vanity every time. Feel free to follow a path that allows you to work independently and seek praise, but remember that you are at your best in a collaborative environment. A typical analysis of the Virgo sign would be: neat, organized, knee-deep in Lysol. But far be it for Virgos to be pigeonholed — directors like Baz Luhrmann, Tim Burton and Ava DuVernay illustrate their Virgo natures through precise and intelligent filmmaking, carefully crafting worlds that feel both unique and convincing.

With your 10th house in Cancer, you may really like to work from home. Or, at least to work in a comfortable environment that feels homey hello, workleisure wardrobe! You likely thrive in fields of nursing, childcare, psychology, or as a stay-at-home parent.

Find Your Perfect CAREER Using Astrology!

You work well in capacities that allow you to improve things, so options like consultant, manager, accountant—anything that requires you to be detail-oriented—are all great. Libra is represented by the scales of justice, and gravitates to roles that involve fairness and harmony—like lawyer.

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  • The Tenth House.

The 10th house in Scorpio points to you loving being in control and someone who aggressively chases your goals. Tran says psychology and science are great fields for you. Great options here include a philosopher, professor, anthropologist, or asking to be transferred to an international branch of your current company. In addition to signs, your birth chart also includes planets inclusive of the sun, moon, and Pluto , and they can appear anywhere, highlighting facets of your personality.

Check out what it means below if a specific planet is in your 10th house in astrology. This is the planet of thinking and communication, so your job is very cognitive and intellectual.

The 12 Houses of the Horoscope Wheel

Venus represents beauty, love, and harmony—so do work that is artistic. Work is also the way that you feel loved, and supported. The cusp of the house is additionally called Midheaven or MC, standing for Medium Coeli , which demonstrates the kins of profession that one takes after. For the most part, the entire tenth house is generally about one's career and how they appear to one's colleagues.

An individual's standing and reputation in the public eye are to be seen here, as well as their accomplishments in their chosen field. As the tenth house in astrology rules everything that is associated with one's profession, the zodiac sign at the cusp of the house and any planets that are placed within conveys the individual's occupation. Remember, that the tenth house isn't the ruler of the brief and odd jobs that one takes to scrape by; it does not rule occupations where you are simply just another worker.

1st Astrological House

Instead, these are issues of the sixth house. The tenth house is in charge of your vocation in life, your calling; it rules your cognizant strides towards dealing with something you adore and care for. Notify me when this product is available: Notify me when this product is available:. The profession that is detailed in the tenth house is your dream job, the work through which you will develop into a more complete being, your own personal method for advancement and accomplishment.

These occupations are typically independent work.

House (astrology)

An example that shows up pretty commonly when it comes to someone having planets both in the sixth house and the tenth house, is that their sixth house rules the occupations that they have early in their lives, while the tenth house requires significant investment in time and effort. Saturn , the ruling planet of the tenth house, is the planet of time; it sets aside time for us both to discover what we truly love doing in our lives and it creates the fundamental conditions where we can do what we set out to achieve. Slowly, over time, the power of our vocation and careers are transferred to the tenth house; we never again need to function as tools for another person.

Work in politics is additionally led by the tenth house. The way that the government treats you can likewise be seen through the condition of the tenth house, while additionally your own disposition towards them. Here you can also discover the relationships between all individuals who are in places of power over you. The tenth house also rules the more dominant parent of the individual.

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There has been a considerable measure of contention in the past on whether the tenth house referred to the father or the mother, yet it appears that the sexual orientation does not assume a part in that decision. The fourth house , which is inverse the tenth house, is in charge of the parent that is more nurturing and has a closer relationship with the child, a steady ground for he or she to venture on. admin