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While there was one last clash between Juno and Neptune late last month, as Neptune is a giant and Juno a mere asteroid, this was more one last check in, when it comes to a balance between money coming in and money going out.

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Until he leaves your financial sector on 4th October Mars will continue to fire up your financial passions and fighting spirit, with a chance to really take your financial power back. Juno, queen of commitment will stay on all month but this is more a chance to cement your financial game plan, resolutions and develop a sense of resolve after the faster moving planets have moved on. Until turning direct next month, the planet of dreams is not only focused on revisiting old dreams but on exploiting untapped income potential.

As the planet of money, Venus will return with a mission to fuel your professional confidence, attract opportunities and steer things in a lucrative direction. Once returning, both Venus and Mercury are here for the rest of the month.

Aquarius Horoscope For Wednesday, October 9,

That this is a big month for not only career and professional matters but across the income, work and career fronts should come as no surprise. After all, the Sun will always end October in your career sector and you already have a window into the forces in play on the income and job front, but not to the degree you are about to experience this month. While Mercury returns at around this time every year, as will be the case for every planet following in his footsteps, for the first time in 17 years it will be to find the North Node in your work sector.

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While this is an unfamiliar experience for the planets returning to your career sector, this is not an unfamiliar force. When the faster planets, the same returning to your career sector this month and over the coming months, moved through your work sector in the middle months of the year they all aligned with the North Node there.

Because that relationship is already established, as each planet returns to your career sector it will be to immediately slip into the energy already created on the job front just a few months ago. The same is the case with Neptune in your income sector, who the faster planets all moved into a friendly aspect to as they moved through your work sector in the middle months of the year.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

No wonder Mercury, who will normally move through in 14 to 15 days will instead stay for two months, due to a retrograde turn at the end of the month. Also read: Aquarius Horoscope Anne has worked as a professional Astrologer, writing Horoscope Content for the media, public and private clients since and currently provides Horoscope Content to companies in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, the United Kingdom and around the world.

Horoscope October Horoscope. Table of Contents:. These fears may not be based on reality, so let them go and move on.

Days to watch are the 7th, 14th and 27th. On the positive side, Pluto resumes direct motion in this house on the 3rd. Besides, shrewd Mercury enters your house of ambition and success the same day.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope November 2018

Venus arrives on the 8th, followed by the Sun on the 23rd. Planetary aspects are fabulous for finding a new job, becoming self-employed or entering a brand new field.

Aquarius September/October/November 2019 - MAJOR turn of events in YOUR FAVOR!⚖️🎉

Rebellious Uranus is creating waves, demanding that you spend time with loved ones. You also need to carve out time for yourself. That said, start hustling early in the month, right when Mercury makes its move on the 3rd. There will be a new moon on the 28th, which is your annual opportunity to kick off new initiatives. admin